Adobe DPS : 다른 아티클로 링크 연결하는 법

jisunlee 2012. 3. 26. 01:56

영문 투토리얼이 좀더 최신버전이 반영되어 있음

Create links to other articles

Folio articles are stored on a server, so any link that specifies a path to an InDesign file is broken when previewed. Use the “navto” format to link to other articles.

When creating either a button or hyperlink, you can replace “http://” with “navto://” in the URL field. Then specify the target article name as it appears in the Folio Builder panel. Use the Article Name value, not the article’s Title value. Valid navto formats include navto://[articlename] and navto://[articlename]#n. Adding #n specifies a page number. The first page of a document is 0, so specifying #2 jumps to page 3.

Jumping to page 3 of a different article

Navto examples:


navto://biking#2 (jumps to page 3 of biking article)

Note: If you used a previous version of the tools to create a navto link using a folder name or article name that differs from the target article name, your links are broken. To fix the navto links, you can either rename the article (the name, not the title) or edit the navto links to point to the article name as it appears in the Folio Creator panel.