웹디자인2: 모바일 앱 디자인 참고

jisunlee 2010. 12. 8. 15:35
스매싱 매거진의 아이폰 앱중에 디자인잘된것에 대한 기사입니다. 2009년도 10월

Be Happy Now25 (iTunes Link26)
Be Happy Now’s big buttons convey the “be happy” mantra through a mellow color scheme and light, calm and clear typeface.

BeHappyNow in iPhone App Design Trends

Flickr13 [iTunes link14]
Flickr is another example of how to achieve a good balance between functionality, visual design and the small display area on mobile devices. Think about it: what is at the core of Flickr? Photos. Its users probably do not want to look at big clunky navigational elements; instead, they are looking for pictures. Flickr has managed to fit all of its core functionality without heading down the highway to navigational hell. In fact, most elements in the navigation are handled by interacting with the photos themselves. Simple and smart.

Flickr in iPhone App Design Trends

Barnes & Noble35 [iTunes link36]
Barnes & Noble has a layered interface that allows you to quickly slide through new releases at the top or dive into more categories below.

Barnesandnoble in iPhone App Design Trends

myPantone39 [iTunes link40]
Would we expect any less from Pantone? The color picker shown above is a layered interface that lets you pick from a range of colors, sort and scroll as well as open and close detail screens, all without too driving you crazy.

Pantone in iPhone App Design Trends

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