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jisunlee 2016. 4. 25. 11:07

에어비앤비 디자인

The Way We Build  

How rethinking the Airbnb app changed the way we approach design

This process led us to the development of our new Design Language System (or DLS), as well as a suite of internal and third-party tools that allow our teams to not only work smarter, but also closer. The DLS is a collection of components defined by shared principles and patterns. This allows for rapid iteration using a shared vocabulary across design, engineering, and other disciplines. The structure of the DLS is simple and coherent, easing communication across teams.

Our newly-formed design tools team is tasked with creating an environment built on top of the foundation of the DLS. We now have deep integration with third-party tools, like Adobe Photoshop and Bohemian Coding’s Sketch, allowing designers to quickly access all components and even real data from within the tools they use daily.